Great Flavors Packed in A Jar

Without beating around the bush, Fried pepper paste is a concentration of fried pepper. Yep, it really is just pepper that has been cooked, seeded, skins strained out, and then fried till it becomes super dense. Depending on the kind of pepper used, our fried pepper pastes vary in taste, hotness, and acidity. Generally speaking, peppers are expected to have some level of hotness and umami flavor attached to them, especially in their raw forms. Essie’s fried pepper paste comes in four different heat levels (heatless, medium, hot, and extra hot), and they all taste absolutely wonderful. Plus, they do not vary in taste from your normal fresh pepper, if at all, they even taste better, as the preparation process does an excellent job at draining most of the water/liquid in the peppers yet retaining its key nutrients, and flavors. Leaving you with a nice mesh of ready to use concentrated fried pepper. As with most concentrated ingredients, a little can go a long way when cooking, making fried pepper paste a whole lot more functional.


How To Use Essie’s Fried Pepper Paste

Think of it as your regular paste, but this time, its pepper, its flavorful, its spicy - a little goes a long way in spicing up any meal you’re preparing. Whether it’s a nice tasty pot of soup, some eggs, or plain old Jollof rice. A little bit of Essie’s Fried pepper paste goes a long way to help you get that rich tingling pepper sensation your love.The thick texture of Essie’s fried pepper paste means that it can be a bit tricky to use straight up.


Our "Secret" Ingredients

Shhh its a secret but I’ll tell you, we use lots of fresh peppers. Yep, you guessed right - Habanero Peppers, bell peppers, and more peppers with a combination of onion, garlic, smoked herring, and natural seasoning. 

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